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February 1/22

840,000 tonnes of concrete


The Spitallamm dam built in 1932 closes off a small rocky gorge in the Bernese Alps. Behind it lies the five-kilometre long Lake Grimsel.

Letters to the editor


The Alpine villages paying outsiders to move in


The public has voted to give nurses more than just a round of applause


Voters back Covid-19 measures – again


The electorate has endorsed the pandemic policy of the Federal Council and parliament for a second time, with 62 per cent of voters giving their…

Noisy cities, empty hotel beds

Swiss statistics

Iris von Roten | “All she wants is fairness”

Literature series

Migros thinks the unthinkable


Popular online language courses for young people to be repeated

SwissCommunity news

The “Rütli of the Fifth Switzerland” celebrates 30 years of existence

SwissCommunity news

"The job as language assistant is perfect for me"

SwissCommunity news

Isabelle Bucher, a Swiss living abroad, uses her English skills as a language assistant at a Swiss upper secondary school. Her class benefits from the…

Young, fresh, playful and forward-looking – new logo and website for the FYSA

SwissCommunity news

Votes and Elections

Notes from the Federal Palace

The Federal Council determines voting proposals at least four months before the voting date.

How “Marriage for all” affects same-sex couples

Notes from the Federal Palace


Notes from the Federal Palace

Notify your local Swiss representation of your email address and mobile phone number, or of changes to these.

The official Federal Council photo symbolises unity

Notes from the Federal Palace

Dino Brandão and the voice of angels


Doris Femminis | Outside forever


Yvonne Ribi

Top pick

Ignazio Cassis chairs the Federal Council in 2022


Parliament says yes to a memorial for Swiss victims of the Holocaust

Swiss victims of the Holocaust