2nd Pillar within the EU/EFTA

Under the vested benefits agreement, it is in principle not possible to have your 2nd pillar capital paid out upon moving to an EU/EFTA Member State as you are insured there against the risks of retirement, disability and death.

Self-employment is an exception to the rule that withdrawal of capital is not possible within the EU/EFTA area. Self-employed persons can withdraw capital from the 2nd pillar as long as they continue to be self-employed and no compulsory insurance against the risks of retirement, disability and death is provided for in the legislation in their country of residence.

A further exception applies if the money in the 2nd pillar is to be used for the financing, construction or renovation of residential property for personal use or for amortisation of a mortgage.

Persons who are already retired when they leave the country can likewise withdraw their 2nd pillar capital.

Payment of the extra-mandatory part of the 2nd pillar is not subject to these limitations.

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