Valiant is an independent retail and SME bank operating exclusively in Switzerland. It provides private customers and SMEs a comprehensive, easy to understand offering in all financial matters. Valiant is locally anchored thanks to its branches. It is also present throughout Switzerland thanks to innovative, digital services.


“International customers” department:

Connection to Switzerland

In principle, Valiant accepts customers from all countries provided that they have a connection to Switzerland. A connection to Switzerland exists if the customer meets one of the following criteria:

Furthermore, the client must be present in Switzerland when the business relationship is opened and any adjustments to product use are made.

Tax compliance

The customer must assure Valiant of their tax compliance on the internal forms intended for this purpose and through disclosure of other possible documents before the establishment of a business relationship.

Service/product overview (this is not an offer)

Updated 27.01.2021

Restrictions in accordance with international regulations remain reserved.