Frequent questions

I am a Swiss abroad and want to receive the “Swiss Review” in the print version. Who can I contact?

You can register for receipt of the print version via If this does not work, please contact the Swiss embassy or consulate in your country. For reasons of data protection, the editorial team of “Swiss Review” cannot access your address and administrative data.

Can I also receive the “Swiss Review” in Romanian, for example?

The “Swiss Review” is only available in the national languages German and French as well as in English and Spanish.

Why is the “Swiss Review” not available in Italian?

For the information to Swiss in Italy, the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) did not commission the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad “SwissCommunity” but the “Gazzetta Svizzera”. All Swiss registered with a Swiss representation in Italy receive the magazine “Gazzetta Svizzera” (only available in Italian) instead of the “Swiss Review”. Articles on votes and elections, information from FDFA and the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad as well as further contents from various topics are taken over from the “Swiss Review”. The Italian magazine is available online at > Edizioni. For this reason, the “Swiss Review” is not available in Italian.

Can I get a German edition as printed version in France?

You can subscribe to a version of the “Swiss Review” in a language not available in your country of residence for a fee. Further information can be found in the application form.

Why do I have to pay a fee for a subscription to the “Swiss Review” if I want to receive a version in a language that is not available in my country of residence? The “Swiss Review” is free of charge for Swiss abroad.

The non-automated delivery of another issue involves administrative effort and additional production and delivery costs. In order to be able to cover the expenses, we are dependent on revenues from subscriptions.

Why do Swiss living in Spain not receive an issue in Spanish?

Because most Swiss abroad living in Spain do not speak Spanish but German or French. The magazine is issued in the language that most Swiss abroad have indicated as their preferred language in their respective country.

I am not Swiss. Can I receive the “Swiss Review” nevertheless?

Yes, persons without a Swiss citizenship can also subscribe to the “Swiss Review” for a fee. Further information can be found in the application form.

Can I also subscribe to the “Swiss Review” within Switzerland?

Yes, you can also subscribe to the “Swiss Review” within Switzerland. Further information can be found in the application form.

I have written a comment on a “Swiss Review” article, but it does not appear. Why?

Comments are not uploaded automatically but rather checked and manually activated by the editorial team of “Swiss Review”. This usually takes place within one to three days. Any comments with openly racist and offensive content will not be approved. Our detailed comment rules can be found in the guidelines on comments.