Training and further education for leaders

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad places a high priority on ensuring excellent supervision during its camps. We encourage all of our leadership team to acquire additional skills, and we support them in their further education efforts.

Our training and further education courses

The training and further education provided by the Organisation of Suisse abroad should equip you as a camp leader or counsellor with the necessary skills to provide the young Swiss Abroad in your care with a fun-filled, safe holiday experience that is tailored to their specific needs and ages. Our courses are aimed at all interested young adults who have already led camps for the Organisation of Suisse abroad or would like to do so in the future.

In cooperation with the J+S federal youth and sports programme, each spring we offer you either a nine-day basic training course (J+S counsellor) or a nine-day further training course (J+S camp leader) in camp sports/trekking. Find out more about the current courses offered here. Our training courses are currently only offered in German.

The training courses, which aim to provide a practical, high-quality and personalised experience with topics related to everyday life in a camp, are led by experienced J+S experts and J+S leaders from the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad and the foundation for young swisse abroad.

For more information on course admissions, course dates and course registration, please contact Fabienne Stocker at