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March 2/19

Sophia wants to vote


This editorial originated not from the “Swiss Review” office in Berne, but in a Tasmanian suburb about as far away from the Swiss capital as you can…

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Letters to the editor


Comic art: Swiss-born, but snubbed by the state


Urban sprawl initiative fails


Karl Friedrich Kurz | Japanese tea girls and Norwegian farmers

Literature series

Questions are being asked about voting rights for Swiss living abroad


Anyone who has a Swiss passport and lives abroad may vote and participate in elections – even standing for a seat in parliament. However, in…

Journalism is facing the squeeze


Collapse of the French-language press


Bank details for voluntary subscriptions

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Readers of the printed version of “Swiss Review” may sign up for a voluntary subscription if they wish.

Congress of the Swiss Abroad in Montreux

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Nine different summer camps for children aged 8 to 14

SwissCommunity news

Swiss children living abroad will have an opportunity to get to know Switzerland and its culture – and have a great time – at two-week summer camps…

Inclusion in the electoral register is easy

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You can live abroad but still vote on Swiss matters. Doing so helps strengthen the bond with your native country. But to exercise your political…

Experience politics and culture up close and personal – just right for you

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Are you interested in Swiss politics? Would you like to experience a fantastic cultural and sports programme in your native country? If so, our…

“Our traditions keep us united and define us”


Living and working abroad

Notes from the Federal Palace

Votes and Elections

Notes from the Federal Palace

Everything you need to know about the proposals (voting pamphlets, committees, recommendations by Parliament and the Federal Council, electronic…

Federal and cantonal popular votes – everything in one app

Notes from the Federal Palace

Swiss reactor meltdown


Didier Burkhalter | Former President dips into marine literature


Traditional, delicate and heartwarming


Patti Basler

Top pick

Change affecting Swiss television


From 3 June 2019, you will no longer be able to receive Swiss television via an indoor or roof antenna. This change will also affect some viewers in…