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June 3/20

A country paralysed


It is hard to know where to start. This is my umpteenth attempt to write something about the coronavirus outbreak in Switzerland. Every version so far…

The coronavirus crisis in Switzerland


Letters to the editor


Heinrich Herm | His friends called him “Devil of the sea”

Literature series

The village where every cow has a name

News feature

The virus that paralysed Switzerland

Parliament of the “Fifth Switzerland” unable to sit due to the coronavirus

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Good news for print subscribers

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You won’t miss anything – the next “Swiss Review” will also be available in print.

The big readership survey

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“Choosing a profession or course of study is always a lengthy process.”

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Educationsuisse speaks to Francesca Kirchhofer, a vocational and career counsellor in Berne.

The experiences of Swiss retirees abroad in the focus of research

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Do you spend a part of your retirement in Morocco or Spain? Then Livia Tomás, researcher at the University of Neuchâtel, is interested in hearing from…

Back in Switzerland – and well insured

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Can I take out Swiss health insurance if I move back to Switzerland for good, and, if so, are pre-existing medical conditions covered?

Winter camps for children and teenagers

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Votes and Elections

Notes from the Federal Palace

The Federal Council determines voting proposals at least four months before the voting date.

Everything you need to know about voting proposals…

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Notes from the Federal Palace

A journey through Swiss customs and traditions


Accomplished and enthusiastic


Joseph Jung | From dilapidated to progressive


Switzerland was quite a precarious, dangerous, volatile, backward place in the first half of the 19th century. The country was in the mire and sinking…

Tidjane Thiam

Top pick

SBB breaks record – then passenger numbers plummet


Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) transported 1.32 million passengers per day last year – more people than ever. However, this record figure already seems…