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October 5/21

Swiss healthcare: is it still fit for purpose?


It is a big number as well as being entirely abstract: 82,000,000,000 Swiss francs. This is the sum spent on Swiss healthcare every year. Is it a lot…

Letters to the editor


The weather extremes of climate change


From zeroes to heroes


Alfred A. Häsler | “Window into a more civilised world”

Literature series

Independence of the judiciary under scrutiny


Daddy time

Swiss statistics

What to do with your old banknotes

Voluntary subscriptions to bolster the "Swiss Review"

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Readers of “Swiss Review” may wish to support it with a voluntary subscription fee. Your support expressed in this way will help us to offer the…

From student to skilled worker

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Swissinfo | New Swiss Abroad boss lays out his vision

The new Council of the Swiss Abroad

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The voice of young Swiss Abroad

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Educational opportunities in Switzerland were discussed at the very first Congress of Young Swiss Abroad. Characterised by lively debate, the event…

E-voting – reorientation process currently ongoing

Notes from the Federal Palace

New ways to send voting papers?

Notes from the Federal Palace

Swiss Abroad can only vote if the relevant voting papers arrive in time. But sending voting papers is a major logistical challenge, further…

Votes and Elections

Notes from the Federal Palace

The Federal Council determines voting proposals at least four months before the voting date.

Burning Witches | Enjoyable retro kitsch


Patrick Chappatte | A look back at Covid-19, in snapshots


Natallia Hersche

Top pick

Olympic medal bonanza for Switzerland