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“Gazzetta Svizzera”

Swiss citizens living in Italy receive the “Gazzetta Svizzera”, which was founded in 1968.

In addition to the official notifications from the Swiss authorities, which also appear in the “Swiss Review”, “Gazzetta Svizzera” also contains a lot of news about the Swiss community in Italy.

You can find all editions of “Gazzetta Svizzera” at

“Gazzetta Svizzera” is published eleven times per year. It is published by the Associazione Gazzetta Svizzera in Vacallo in Ticino and under the direction of the Editor-in-Chief Angelo Geninazzi and the director Efrem Bordessa. “Gazzetta Svizzera” was designated as the Federal Gazette of the Swiss Confederation for Swiss abroad in Italy, while “Swiss Review”, the magazine of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad, SwissCommunity, was commissioned for the rest of the world.