Recognition by the CSA

Would you like your club to be recognised by the Council of the Swiss Abroad (CSA) and become part of the “Fifth Switzerland” network?

Recognition by the CSA entitles your club to take part in the election of delegates from your country of residence to the Council of the Swiss Abroad. You will also benefit from regular information provided by SwissCommunity, formerly the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad. Recognition is free of charge.

The conditions for recognition are set out in the directives on the recognition of new Swiss clubs and umbrella associations abroad. Please complete the application form for recognition of Swiss clubs abroad and return it to us together with the articles of your association.

Please note: In the countries in which an umbrella association exists, Swiss clubs must have been recognised beforehand by that association. In this case, please send the application form to the umbrella association.

Recognition as an associated association

If not all the guidelines for recognition can be met, there is the possibility of recognition as an associated association.

Within this framework, organisations can be recognised whose activities are aimed at maintaining and strengthening relations with Switzerland, but which do not meet all the specified conditions of the guidelines. Associated associations have the same rights and obligations as recognised associations, with the exception of the right to propose candidates for election to the Council of the Swiss Abroad and to elect members of the Council.