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October 5/16

When the sky is lost to us


I can vividly recall the most star-lit sky of my life.

Letters to the editor


Artificial light is leading to a 24-hour society


We are making less and less use of true daylight as we expose ourselves to more and more artificial light. This is altering human biology, says…

What impact will “Brexit” have on Switzerland?


International Geneva resists competition from rivals


Switzerland contributes to the renovation of the buildings of international organisations


The new power constellation in the federal parliament


Jürg Federspiel | New York as the city of love and death

Literature series

OSA advice

SwissCommunity news

I am a Swiss citizen abroad living in a country outside the EU/EFTA. What are my rights in terms of unemployment insurance if I return to Switzerland?

The Swiss schools abroad

SwissCommunity news

The 17 Swiss schools abroad officially recognised by the Swiss Confederation are spread across nine countries on three continents. In all, around…

The Youth Service’s winter offers

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Discover Switzerland

FYSA centenary competition

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Design a postcard to mark 100 years of the FYSA for a chance to win a free place at a camp in the summer of 2017.

Winter camp for children aged 8 to 14

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OSA centenary: major celebration in Berne

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Electronic voting for the diaspora

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100 Faces – Portraits of Swiss living abroad

Notes from the Federal Palace

Votes and Elections

Notes from the Federal Palace

CH Info: The Brochure App

Notes from the Federal Palace

The dawn of online consular services: the FDFA opens its virtual consulate

Notes from the Federal Palace

By 2020, half of the people on our planet will be connected to the Internet and almost 90 % of data traffic will flow through mobile devices. Service…

Large-scale music machines


Peter Schärli’s liberated jazz


Alberto Nessi | Partisans and other stories


Alberto Nessi’s “Miló” collection of stories, published in 2014, is finally available in German. The protagonists of these 18 stories live on the…



Claude Longchamp

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