Bequests & inheritances

Have you ever thought about including a charitable organisation? The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad, welcomes donations from inheritances and bequests.

Why should I think about my estate and my will?

We all have an idea of who we want to inherit specific items and assets. A will gives us the certainty that these ideas will one day become reality and that everything you love and hold dear will end up in the right place.

A plan is important and provides clarity

The existence of a will is also a great relief for relatives and other potential heirs. In leaving written instructions, you can help your loved ones to carry out your last will on your behalf.

If you are interested in supporting the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad , we’re here to provide you with more information at any time. We’ll put you in touch with a lawyer we trust who can tell you about the legal foundations with regard to statutory inheritances, compulsory shares and freely-available quotas. You’ll find all the information you need in our Guide for wills, inheritances and bequests.

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