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The magazine for the Swiss abroad, edited by the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad, SwissCommunity, is published in German, French, English and Spanish since 1974.

The “Swiss Review” is published in 13 regional editions with a total circulation of approximately 442,200 copies (of which 265,000 are sent to recipients online). The Regional News are published four times a year.

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Organisation of the Swiss Abroad
Alpenstrasse 26
3006 Bern
Telephone +41 31 356 61 00
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Editorial team

Marc Lettau, Editor-in-Chief (MUL)
Sandra Krebs, Editorial Assistant (KS)
Stéphane Herzog (SH)
Susanne Wenger (SWE)
Theodora Peter (TP)
Paolo Bezzola (PB, responsible for “Notes from the Federal Palace”)

Graphic design

Joseph Haas Communication Design GmbH
Josefstrasse 92
8005 Zürich
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SwissGlobal Language Services AG
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5400 Baden
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Vogt-Schild Druck AG
Gutenbergstrasse 1
4552 Derendingen
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