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Political commitment

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad, SwissCommunity, is strongly committed to improving the legal status of Swiss nationals living abroad.

During legislative consultation procedures, we submit opinions and cooperate with parliamentarians from the National Council and the Council of States to submit political initiatives.

Our most significant achievements have been firmly rooting the “Fifth Switzerland” in the Federal Constitution (Article 40 Federal Constitution) and in the Swiss Abroad Act, which is based on it and became effective on 1 January 2015, as well as the 1992 introduction of the right of the Swiss Abroad to cast their ballots by postal mail in federal votes and elections.

We have successfully opposed the dismantling of the voluntary old-age and survivors' insurance (OASI/IV) on several occasions. More recently, we have been instrumental in improving civil rights legislation in the field of health insurance.

Political topics

Our most important political topics include:


Swiss banks

Health insurance


Swiss Abroad parliamentary group

Some 80 parliamentarians from the National Council and the Council of States take a particular interest in the issues of the “Fifth Switzerland”. In the Swiss Abroad parliamentary group, they defend the interests of the Swiss Abroad at the political level during the current legislative period. The three co-presidents are members of the Council of the Swiss Abroad who are based in Switzerland.

The Swiss Abroad parliamentary group receives administrative support from the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad.

Learn more about the Swiss Abroad parliamentary group, its members and its events.