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The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad, SwissCommunity, is supported by more than 650 Swiss associations. Its highest body is the Council of the Swiss Abroad.

Legal foundations

As a foundation, our activities comply with the deed of foundation and our regulations. The following form the foundation's legal basis:

650 Swiss associations

There are more than 650 Swiss associations and institutions recognised by the Council of the Swiss Abroad (CSA) in existence abroad. These form the basis of SwissCommunity and are in close contact with us. Every year, new clubs become part of the “Fifth Switzerland” network.

You will find more information on the Swiss associations page, including information on starting up or getting CSA recognition for a Swiss association. In our community area you will find all the Swiss associations and can contact them directly.

The Council of the Swiss Abroad

The Council of the Swiss Abroad (CSA) is the highest body in the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad. It represents the interests of Swiss nationals abroad with the authorities and the public in Switzerland. Its members all over the world fight for the rights of the “Fifth Switzerland”. The CSA is often referred to as its mouthpiece or even as the “Parliament of the Fifth Switzerland”.

The Executive Board is made up of the president of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad and ten other members of the Council of the Swiss Abroad. It prepares the business of the CSA and represents the organisation externally.

Learn more about the Council of the Swiss Abroad, its members and the distribution of seats, the meetings and the statements and resolutions made there.