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Swiss clubs

Swiss Abroad have been founding clubs and networking for many years to maintain Swiss traditions, celebrate 1 August together, support each other and chat in their mother tongue.

More than 650 Swiss clubs and institutions recognised by the Council of the Swiss Abroad (CSA) exist abroad. These associations include humanitarian organisations, traditional Swiss clubs, sports clubs, folklore groups, Pro Ticino sections, service companies, chambers of commerce, parents’ associations, representatives of the 17 recognised Swiss schools abroad, etc.

Each year, new clubs become part of the “Fifth Switzerland” network. On the following pages, you will find information on founding a new Swiss club abroad, as well as on the documentation required for the recognition of a Swiss club by the CSA and an umbrella association, where applicable. You can also become a member of an existing club.

You will find information on Swiss clubs in our community and can contact them directly.

List of all recognised and associated Swiss associations in German and French (as of 4 April 2022)