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November 6/18

The printed word under pressure


Letters to the editor


The unusual deal regarding taxes and old-age and survivors’ insurance (OASI)


It is considered the most important and consequential deal of the current legislative period – the corporate tax reform, controversially boosted by a…

Despite rejected initiatives the debate about agricultural policy is still ongoing


Both agricultural initiatives were rejected by voters on the popular vote Sunday of 23 September 2018. However, the topic is by no means off the table…

Bern puts pressure on refugees from the Eritrean dictatorship


Current book recommendations from Switzerland


The “Swiss Review” asked two experts to give their tips for new books by Swiss authors. The recommendations for the German-speaking part of…

Lukas Hartmann | “The desire to break down boundaries”

Literature series

New guide explains key issues of social security law to those working abroad

SwissCommunity news

The “Swiss Review” online instead of printed

SwissCommunity news

University or apprenticeship?

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Advice from educationsuisse on education in Switzerland

Signatures from 137 countries for OSA’s e-voting petition

SwissCommunity news

E-voting must be made available to all Swiss Abroad by 2021. The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) submitted this demand to the Federal…

Emotional moments in the second home country – Scenes from the summer camps for children and young people

SwissCommunity news

Girls in traditional wrestling breeches, young people in the mountains making friends with a local goat, daredevils on a jagged rock near Saas Grund…

Votes and Elections

Notes from Parliament Building

Federal elections 2019: The official election portal is online

Notes from Parliament Building is the link to the official election platform for the federal elections of 2019. The website will be updated regularly with…

New: Customs clearance via smartphone

Notes from Parliament Building

Aroma of spices woos Swiss lawyer out of his office


The alternative reality


André Holenstein, Patrick Kury, Kristina Schulz | Immigration and emigration in Switzerland


“It’s profitable, and that’s a privilege”