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November 6/20

Good, not so good

Swiss statistics

Switzerland and Europe


Switzerland works by direct democracy. Everyone is regularly invited to go to the polls and have their say in national politics. This deeply embedded…

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Letters to the editor


The “Fifth Switzerland” defends international mobility


Corona cases soar as winter approaches


Doing without a car is becoming the new normal


The long road to success


The Swiss with an irrepressible Nordic spirit

Literature series

The sound of home soil


Direct democracy makes a spectacular comeback


Palm oil referendum adds fuel to the political fire


Youth camps are back

SwissCommunity news

Summer camps for children aged 8 to 14

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Your chance to elect the new Council of the Swiss Abroad

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Studying at Switzerland’s universities

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In memory of Georg Stucky

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Tips for job hunting in Switzerland

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“I want to return to Switzerland and look for a job. Can you give me any tips or information?”

Easy access to administrative services – with e-government

Notes from the Federal Palace

Votes and Elections

Notes from the Federal Palace

The Federal Council determines voting proposals at least four months before the voting date. Everything you need to know about voting proposals…

Simone Flubacher, Delegate for Relations with the Swiss Abroad, is moving on

Notes from the Federal Palace


Notes from the Federal Palace

Notify your local Swiss representation of your email address(es) and mobile phone number(s), or of changes to these, and register at the online desk…

A seamless fusion of harp and piano


La pozza del Felice (Felice’s pool)


Darius Rochebin

Top pick

From plane to train?


SBB and Swiss are assessing whether airline pilots could help relieve the current shortage of train drivers in Switzerland.

Young talent in international cooperation

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What motivates students to pursue a career in humanitarian aid, development cooperation or peacebuilding? And why do they sometimes turn away from it?