Youth partnerships

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the leisure activities offered by SwissCommunity could not take place in 2020. Swiss nationals living abroad were particularly affected by the coronavirus.

In 2020, travelling to Switzerland was impossible for some Swiss nationals living abroad, while others experienced increasingly difficult financial circumstances. Unexpectedly, our youth offers are still very popular and in demand. With protective measures in place, we now hope to be able to reorganise the camps in the coming year.

We need your support more than ever!

To ensure that we can continue our youth offer for more than 200 participants per year, we need your financial support through sponsorships and partnerships, Find out more from our dossier.

Your point of contact

Florian Baccaunaud

Florian Baccaunaud

Collaborator Sponsoring & Partnerships, Communications & Marketing
+41 31 356 61 26