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As a non-profit organisation, the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad, is reliant on partnerships to be able to successfully carry out its activities.

We maintain relations with partners from a wide range of industries and sectors of general interest. Our priority is to provide added value for the community of Swiss nationals abroad through special offers or selected services and information. See an overview of our current partnerships here.

Target group of Swiss nationals abroad

Do you offer a useful product or service that is available throughout the world? Would you like to showcase your organisation to the unique target audience of Swiss nationals living abroad?

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad is the only institution that can reach all 776,300 Swiss nationals throughout the world. By entering a partnership you will be able to make a strong commitment to the “Fifth Switzerland”.

You have the choice of collaborating with us as an advertising partner or an institutional partner. We offer attractive service packages at competitive prices, which you can use to showcase your product and make your name known to Swiss nationals living abroad and in Switzerland.

Benefits for you:

Direct access to Swiss nationals abroad

We give you direct access to Swiss nationals living throughout the world. Our channels of communication are available to you if you so wish.

Gain ambassadors throughout the world

You gain Swiss nationals living throughout the world as ambassadors or supporters of your product or service and thus loyal customers and brand representatives.

Permanent advertising presence

We can provide you with an advertising presence in our digital community and on our website, as well as in various offline channels such as the “Swiss Review”, and an on-site presence at the Congress of the Swiss Abroad

Exchange of expertise and contacts

Noch nie war es einfacher, mit den über 770 000 im Ausland lebenden Schweizern in Kontakt zu bleiben. Dank unserer vernetzten Welt, den sozialen Medien und unserer Plattformen ist es uns möglich, Sie mit Auslandschweizerinnen und Auslandschweizern, Schweizervereinen und unserem Netzwerk des Auslandschweizerrates zu verbinden. Gemeinsam können wir Synergien nutzen sowie Know-how und Kontakte austauschen, um die Schweizer Diaspora weltweit zu erreichen.

Enter a long-term collaboration with the Organisation of the Swiss Abroadand and realise your vision! We would be delighted to make you an offer or advise you about the available options.

Information for potential partners / media data

Your point of contact

Florian Baccaunaud

Florian Baccaunaud

Collaborator Sponsoring & Partnerships, Communications & Marketing
+41 31 356 61 26