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April 2/22

Olympic dilemma


Switzerland’s Olympic heroes have most likely put their hard-earned Beijing medals aside by now and are already looking ahead to training for the next…

Letters to the editor


Sipping from a furry teacup


Switzerland’s biggest building wears its 60 years well

News feature

Edmond Fleg |A messianic longing for human happiness

Literature series

Switzerland, the second Covid winter, and the Omicron wave


Review of the 13 February votes


Couples marrying, mountains swaying

Swiss statistics

Russia’s war revives ‘neutrality’ debate


“I was also able to improve my language skills”

SwissCommunity news

The 2nd Congress of Young Swiss Abroad will be devoted to green issues

SwissCommunity news

Taking out health insurance on my return to Switzerland

SwissCommunity news

The question: I thought I would automatically have health insurance when I return to Switzerland, because health insurance is mandatory after all. No…

Don’t miss the statutory period

Notes from the Federal Palace

Approval of the “Marriage for all” proposal has retroactive implications with regard to the matrimonial regime for same-sex couples who marry abroad…

The life verification process is now automated for the majority of OASI/DI pension beneficiaries

Notes from the Federal Palace

Federal Votes and Elections

Notes from the Federal Palace

The Federal Council determines voting proposals at least four months before the voting date.

The FDFA is there for you – but not all the time!

Notes from the Federal Palace

Zian | A soulful production


Simone Weinmann | Life without electricity


Pierin Vincenz and the fall of the bankers

Top pick

Increasing the retirement age – a thorny issue