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May 3/19

What will tomorrow’s world hold?

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From the moon to the stars


Anyone and everyone who enjoys science fiction will have heard of Jules Verne (1828–1905) – a pioneer of the genre who described things that no one…

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Letters to the editor


Switzerland consults its people more than any other country


The Swiss participate in up to 20 referendums per year. Approximately 80 % of the population vote regularly, but participation per subject is very…

Videos and ‘smartspiders’ to help people vote


Making politics clearer to encourage voting: this is the objective of the easyvote and smartvote initiatives. Easyvote is supported by the Swiss…

Kurt Guggenheim | Truth and fiction on the French coast

Literature series

Civilian service is going strong, while the army takes a hit


New film pays tribute to the pioneers of civilian service


Swiss Abroad launch election year

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Tailored advice

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Do you have any questions on the topic of education in Switzerland? If so, educationsuisse will help you find the right answers.

The OSA Youth Service is conducting a survey to help better meet the expectations of the Swiss Abroad.

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Camps for children aged eight to 14

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In 2018, more than one in ten Swiss nationals lived abroad

Notes from the Federal Palace

Votes and Elections

Notes from the Federal Palace

The Federal Council determines voting proposals at least four months before the voting date. National Council elections take place on 20 October 2019.

“Being Swiss is an essential part of my identity”


The village photographers


Urs Altermatt | Helvetia’s unofficial royals – a lexicon


For 171 years, the Swiss government has been in office without a single day’s interruption. The whole government is never replaced at once, it is…

A fanfare of nostalgia


Roland Zoss & Jimmy Flitz

Top pick

Environmental activist Franz Weber has died


Swiss activist Franz Weber died on 2 April 2019 aged 91. Weber, who launched countless national and international campaigns in his time, was one of…