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September 5/19

Switzerland in 48 hours


Anyone visiting Switzerland this year cannot have failed to notice that the scrum around key tourist destinations has become thicker than ever.

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Letters to the editor


“They all want to visit the same beautiful places”


The growing Asian market, the role of social media, and the behavioural patterns of tourists – these are the causes of mass tourism, according to…


Swiss statistics

Switzerland’s care homes and hospitals increasingly need more personnel. In 2018, 2,900 men and women completed training in this field. An additional…

Election candidates from the “Fifth Switzerland”


The “Fifth Switzerland” lacks its own separate electoral constituency, hence foreign-based Swiss who wish to vote or get elected must do so in their…

The big election survey


More than just a disc in the night sky


The Léman Express will open Geneva up to its surroundings


Albert Bächtold | The Klettgau Russian

Literature series

The “Fifth Switzerland” makes clear political demands

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Thank you

SwissCommunity news

In the last twelve months, many readers have paid a voluntary subscription to help fund the print edition of “Swiss Review”.

Skiing and snowboarding into the new year

SwissCommunity news

There are still some free spots available to children aged 8 to 14 on the FYSA New Year camp in Valbella in the Grisons mountains.

Doing an apprenticeship or studying in Switzerland

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Ready for camp life in the snow?

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Who or what is YPSA?

SwissCommunity news

YPSA stands for Youth Parliament of the Swiss Abroad. It is not a parliament in the traditional sense, but rather a platform for young Swiss Abroad.

E-voting currently on hold – testing process to be reoriented

Notes from the Federal Palace

Electronic voting has proved popular so far, particularly among Swiss Abroad. Unfortunately, it is currently out of operation. Until the beginning of…

Insight in the Youth Parliament of Swiss Abroad

SwissCommunity news

Votes and Elections

Notes from the Federal Palace

The Federal Council determines voting proposals at least four months before the voting date. National Council elections take place on 20 October…

Giving people a second chance


Makala, double meaning rap


Simone Meier | A fateful kiss


Annik Grob

Top pick

Apprenticeships are losing ground


The practice-oriented apprenticeship is a Swiss success story. However, its popularity is declining among the young, who are increasingly turning to…