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September 5/20


The divisive issue of mobile 5G

The federal government and Swiss telecommunication companies have ambitious plans to roll out the new standard in wireless connectivity. Not everyone…

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“Technology is never unpolitical”


The hostility to 5G in Switzerland comes as no surprise to historian Daniela Zetti. In her view, it is about much more than just mobile technology.

Cold weather: the trademark of La Brévine, even in summer

News feature

Switzerland’s “colonialism without colonies”


When David was Goliath


Admittedly, the bronze statue depicting the gentleman on the cover of this magazine is hard to recognise amid the cold spray of a high-pressure water…

Dear Swiss Abroad,

SwissCommunity news

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) has a small but important favour to ask. Please ensure that your local Swiss representation has your…

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Letters to the editor


The corona pandemic in Switzerland


An uncomfortable issue for multinationals


Arms industry in the crossfire


The literary stimulus of riding a bicycle

Literature series

Streaming alone will not save Swiss cinema


Lea Sprunger and the 13-stride challenge


Noisy neighbours, long hiking trails, dog waste bins

Swiss statistics

The OSA and COVID-19

SwissCommunity news

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) was not immune from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now we are working at full speed again towards…

Thank you, Peter!

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A story of integration

SwissCommunity news

What does your Switzerland look like?

SwissCommunity news

National exhibitions are part of Switzerland’s identity. They are intergenerational projects that bring people of all ages together. The next national…

Lasting memories

SwissCommunity news

Can I make retroactive OASI payments after returning to Switzerland?

SwissCommunity news

“I have been living in Japan over the last few years and have not made any payments into the old-age and survivors’ insurance scheme (OASI) during…

A questionnaire on the retirement plans of the Swiss Abroad

Notes from the Federal Palace

Elections et votations

Notes from the Federal Palace

The Federal Council determines voting proposals at least four months before the voting date.

Everything you need to know about voting proposals…


Notes from the Federal Palace

Notify your local Swiss representation of your email address(es) and mobile phone number(s), or of changes to these, and register at the online desk…

Electro-pop stalwarts play it safe


Three fathers – how did that happen?


Petra Gössi

Top pick

Attorney General Michael Lauber has lost his political backing.