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Sweet sixteen


What matters to the 16-year-olds of today? What are their biggest hopes and fears? What do they think about lowering the voting age to 16? We asked sixteen 16-year-olds to tell us – and learned that theirs is a generation acutely aware that political decisions will shape their future.

Jason: “I am a keen, effective, quick-witted debater.”

Anne: “I have the vote, so I want to use it.”

Johanna: “We could use our voice to do more against climate change.”

Kimmo: “I would like to sail around the world.”

Juliette: “The decisions that are made do affect the lives of young Swiss citizens.”

Lionel: “We need to create spaces for young people.”

Yves: “I give my all playing football.”

Moritz: “I take responsibility for my decisions.”

Malin: “Missing a few hours of classroom time is a trifling matter in view of the climate crisis we face.”

Cléo: “Swiss politics? It’s a huge muddle for such a little country.”

Olivia: “I want to add my voice to the fight against inequality.”

Noelia: “Sitting around at home is not really my thing.”

Lisa: “After all, it is our future at stake.”

Dejwana: “Switzerland? It’s better than Lebanon, where we struggled to be accepted.”

Elena: “I always try to form my own opinion.”

Valérie: “We should start with the little things in our own lives first.”