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Kimmo: “I would like to sail around the world”


I couldn’t make up my mind whether to become a joiner or a multi-skilled mechanic, so I decided to do a boatbuilding apprenticeship instead. Boatbuilding combines skills from both these professions. I had never steered a boat before my apprenticeship, but I needed to pass a sailing course to complete it. I bought a boat last summer and promptly did the test.

I like the feeling of freedom that you get on Lake Thun. One day, I would like to sail around the world. I am attracted by the idea of getting to places that only a small number of people will ever see. In the long term, I would like to work as a boatbuilder during winter and as a sailing instructor during summer. It would be great if I could pass on my knowledge to others.

I am very happy with life. I have no urge to change anything. Politics is not really my thing, and being too young to vote at the moment is fine by me.

It is more important to me that my teammates hear my voice on the handball court. They have to, because I am captain of our team. The coach and I decide together what moves to practise during training. And I always have first pick when it comes to shirt numbers. The number-eight jersey is of no particular significance to me, but I like wearing it nonetheless.

Interview by Flavia von Gunten

Kimmo Steiner

Born in 2004, living in Thun, and currently doing a boatbuilding apprenticeship in Spiez. Kimmo meets his friends at weekends to play basketball or eat out.

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