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Lisa: “After all, it is our future at stake”


“My generation will have a lot to deal with in future, what with the economic impact of the pandemic, not to mention climate change. The pandemic dominates my life at the moment. Young people like us have had to go without a lot of things. I hope it will soon be over and that we are not the ones who have to pay the price. I wish we could live the lives that our parents led – with the same freedoms they had.

I am interested in psychology and journalism. I have already done work experience at the “Wiler Zeitung” and at Radio FM1. Both were enjoyable. Journalists get to meet a lot of people and find out what is happening around the world. They inform and entertain.

I admire people who do things for the benefit of society. But I am also impressed by sportsmen and sportswomen who win by fair and honest means. I dance hip-hop, do apparatus gymnastics and enjoy skiing in my free time. I also play the clarinet.

I follow political events. My older sister is already entitled to vote, so I pick up various things from her. I think it would be a good idea to lower the voting age to 16. After all, it is our future at stake. We have a different take on certain issues from adults. If we voted, the range of opinions would become more diverse. The only problem I see is that some young people could be influenced by their parents. Thanks to our political system, anyone can get involved and launch a popular initiative. This is a good thing. What I do not like are political groups that rely on dishonesty to stoke people’s fears.”

Interview by Eveline Rutz

Lisa Herberth

Born in 2005, living in Wilen (canton of Thurgau), and a pupil at the cantonal school in Wil (canton of St Gallen). Lisa plays the clarinet, takes part in sport, and likes to meet friends.

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