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Lionel: “We need to create spaces for young people.”


Yes, I’m interested in politics! If there is a big debate in the US or in France, I watch to see who is coming out ahead. I saw parts of the debate between Le Pen and Macron on TikTok and Instagram, for example. It was a tough one. There were some good digs. We look at this idea of debate in our political economics class. In Switzerland, politics is less lively, so the president of the Confederation doesn’t stand out. Regarding the right to vote, women fought to obtain it and in certain countries they still don’t have it. So it is an important right.

But as for the right to vote at 16, I’m not sure it’s the best idea, as not everyone is necessarily ready. One solution would perhaps be to first give the right to vote at a communal level. For referendums and national elections, I think we would need more in-depth information. At the level of local politics, I think the commune should listen more to the views of young people.

The opening of a skatepark in Martigny recently is a good thing. But it took 15 years to happen! During Covid-19, if it was raining, there was nowhere to go to meet up with your friends. We need to create spaces for young people.

My future? I’d like to have a house and a family in Martigny. I have another dream, more short-term: I’d like to go to Japan with my friends to discover the culture as I’m a fan of Manga and Japanese cartoons. Regarding the big questions of the future, there is of course global warming. I make small efforts at my own level: I recycle my waste, I don’t waste electricity. But for me, we are missing real joint action. In any case, we need to stop using nuclear energy, to avoid polluting the ground for life, and we need to find clean energies instead. Would I become involved in politics? I don’t campaign for anything at the moment, but why not, one day!

Interview by Stéphane Herzog

Lionel Formaz

*2005, lives in Martigny (VS). He is in his first year at the Ecole de commerce (business school). He trains assiduously at Greco-Roman wrestling, as well as parkour and skateboarding.

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