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The meal plan of tomorrow


Dinner is served! But is what we see here delicious – or off-putting?

The exhibition Food Revolution 5.0 addresses this conundrum and serves up questions about the future: what and how do we want to eat in the future? How will population growth and climate change affect our diet? One thing is clear: food is material that has been brought into shape, it is “designed”, the result of a creative endeavour. In Winterthur this is being taken a step further. The meal plan of the future is presented – sometimes playfully, at other times with a critical undertone. The 50 or so design and research projects lead us into a world that will – perhaps – one day feed on in-vitro meat, vegetables from indoor farms, algae proteins and mealworms.

“Food Revolution 5.0”, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, until 28 April 2019. The exhibition is accompanied by a full programme of events on the subject