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Letters to the editor


If the UK leaves the EU. Brexit’s impact on Switzerland

The article on Brexit in the last issue of “Swiss Review” is too one-sided. It does not take account of the wide-ranging opportunities that will open up for the UK upon leaving the EU as it will cease to be bound by excessive EU laws and regulations. The pound’s low value, for example, will benefit exports enormously. The unimagined benefits for the world of finance should also be mentioned. Switzerland would do well not to put up with everything from the EU and move more into line with the UK.

Jean Duvide, France

The UK’s exit may prove “slightly” disadvantageous for the finance sector, but may represent a real opportunity for other aspects of Europe as the British only had one word to say on anything that did not concern finance, a word resembling the Soviet “niet”.

Michel Piguet, Czechia

The fight for darkness. The certified star-lit sky

I live on the Danish island of Mön which is also attempting to become a dark sky park. We are hoping to achieve this soon. I must say that rarely have I seen such a lustrous starry sky as we have here. We already have tourists coming from the capital city of Copenhagen to look at the stars. I wish you every success with your venture in Switzerland. It is an important issue!

Claudio Bannwart, DEnmark

Editorial. Casting your vote – even if it is sometimes a chore

I am writing to you because your editorial in the August Swiss Review really touched a raw nerve with me: I have always tried to vote but in the last couple of years I have not anymore, because our Federal Councillor Simonetta Sommaruga cancelled the e-vote. I tried voting by mail but it seems that the US Post Office does not know where Switzerland is or does not recognize the type of voting envelope used. Or the address format is not to their standards. In any case I received my envelope back with postage due some six weeks later – It had been to Swaziland in Africa! Voting through the US Post Office just does not work, unless I can use standard envelopes and standard address format. I wrote to the Embassy in New York but only got confirmation of the termination of e-voting rather than a valid explanation. It was the same when I wrote to the Stadtskanzlei in Schaffhausen, my home canton, it appeared they did not like the termination either but could not tell me anything further. So, why do I vote? Because I am Swiss. And you would have to live in the USA, like I do, to appreciate the clear, precise and balanced explanation I get in the “Erläuterungen des Bundesrates” in respect to every vote.

Mark Strassle, USA

A place of symbolism. The Area for the Swiss Abroad needs help

Silvia Schoch evoked memories of the Area for the Swiss Abroad very well in her article. I will try to raise a contribution from my Swiss society to help make up the shortfall to pay for the area’s renovation.

Walter Isler, United Kingdom

Being Swiss in the pop music industry. An interview with Adrian Sieber from Lovebugs

Germany is an important market for Swiss musicians. They don’t care too much about the “farmer accent” of the Swiss, because they have it themselves too. And of course it’s close to Switzerland, you can go there with all your equipment by car to play smaller venues. And it‘s not only like that in rock music, it’s the same for the Schlager scene. People like Francine Jordi make a lot of money from German audiences – also on TV.

Ueli Keller, Germany