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In free fall

14.01.2015 – Barbara Engel

She meets Herbert and in the same week discovers she has cancer. Love strikes like a lightning bolt and they want to be together for the rest of their lives.

Three months later Herbert is dead. A BASE jumper, he leaps off a cliff only equipped with a parachute, loses control and plunges to his death. She had known nothing of his fascination for BASE jumping. Her loss – right in the middle of chemotherapy – throws her completely off track. How could he throw his life away while she is battling against cancer? This question constantly preys on her mind. In the search for answers, she accompanies Herbert’s best friend and coach to the scene of the fatal accident. Here she finds out from Andreas and the other jumpers what drives them to jump off cliffs, to overlook the risks and, above all, what it means to face and control one’s own fears. The woman’s name is Miriam von Arx. She is a filmmaker and has recorded her tragic story and her journey back to life in a remarkable documentary which has also been screened in cinemas. | Miriam von Arx “Freifall – eine Liebesgeschichte” (Freefalling – A love story) in German, Swiss German and English, subtitles in German/English.