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Well-protected feet

04.11.2015 – Barbara Engel

Now, when our feet are starting to get cold again in Europe, is the perfect moment to tell the story of Dan and Galina Witting, two Swiss Abroad. Several years ago when Dan was working for a Swiss company in Indonesia, Galina, recalling her childhood in Russia, began making felt boots, known as valenki, in her garage. She put her products on display at an exhibition, and a large company gave her an order to supply 700 pairs of felt boots. That moment marked the birth of the company Baabuk and today, just over three years later, Baabuk has a 20-strong workforce in Nepal – where felting is a well-known technique – manufacturing boots, sneakers and slippers in a wide range of varieties. In an email to the editorial team, Dan Witting explained that Baabuk attaches great importance to environmental protection. The shoes are made from wool and recycled, renewable materials, keeping feet warm and snug at really cold temperatures. Prices range from 50 euros for children’s slippers to 120 euros for sneakers.

Full details about products, the company’s history and shipping can be found at