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Polyphonic but harmonious Parliament

04.11.2015 – Marc Lettau

Just imagine the scene – a group of visitors suddenly break into song in the middle of the National Council chamber, some of the parliamentary secretaries join in and in the end the liveried ushers, photographers and journalists are also part of an impressively melodious choir which brings the business of Swiss government to a standstill for six minutes. One is tempted to say that there has never been such a movingly polyphonic and harmonious exchange beneath the Federal Palace’s cupola. The omnipresence of Swiss television cameras in the Federal Palace means that non-parliamentarians can now also share in the musical event. Viewers will see that the apparently flabbergasted President of the National Council, Stéphane Rossini from the SP Valais, had to abandon the agenda as Parliament looked on in amazement and then applauded generously. But what was it actually all about? An attack on Parliament by musicians? The first flash mob to gather in the National Council? The secret lies with Rossini, who was only feigning surprise. He had organised the event with the Ardent choir as a genuine surprise gift for Council members who will no longer be there next year.

Link to the National Council choir: