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How to become Polish?

17.08.2015 – Stéphane Herzog

Just like children and journalists, Fanny Vaucher, an illustrator from the French-speaking part of Switzerland has a tremendous sense of curiosity. This is the starting point of a blog, which has been turned into an illustrated book that she produced whilst settling in in Warsaw in 2012. “Why don’t the buildings have shutters? How is it that people eat ice cream in the middle of winter? Do people live behind the huge advertising hoardings that completely cover some façades in the city centre?” These are some of the questions pondered upon by the artist, who lives between Switzerland and Poland.

“Les Pilules polonaises” (Polish Pills) - which enable you to become Polish – reveals the cultural, sociological and architectural reflections of Fanny Vaucher through a mixture of illustrations accompanied by text and speech bubbles. The watercolours that document Fanny’s life are reminiscent of a travel journal. The text is handwritten in French, but the text of the Polish and English translations is in block letters. What is it makes this book so worth reading? It will certainly inspire readers to want to visit Warsaw to verify the tales of this Swiss artist with a keen sense of humour.

Fanny Vaucher: “Pilules Polonaises” (Polskie Pigulki / Polish Pills), Les Editions Noir sur Blanc, Lausanne, 2014; CHF 21.50, Euro 17. Blog: