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From sport and nutrition advice to Insta star


Doris Hofer believes keeping fit was the best investment she has ever made in her life. The 42-year-old reinvented herself in Turkey, where providing tips on fitness and healthy eating has turned her into a much sought-after expert.

My Job: My fans on social media say I inspire them to eat a healthier diet and be more active. Many have written telling me that they love my short videos because the exercises are fun and my cheerful nature is infectious.

My Turkey: People love you if you speak Turkish. That’s very useful and stands me in good stead, particularly when appearing on TV. I’ve never received hate mail in Turkey, in stark contrast to Switzerland. That’s either because of my accent or that people here are less frustrated.

My Switzerland: I’m very proud of Switzerland. Politically in particular, we act as a role model. If someone thinks differently, they can also express and defend their views as long as they are reasonable. I love Switzerland’s public transport and recycling system.

My heart: I miss my friends and family most of all. In terms of food, it has to be the wonderful cheese I miss most. After my divorce, I became self-employed and founded the company Squatgirl. I would love to visit Switzerland more often again and work with Swiss companies. But we probably wouldn’t move back because we have a patchwork family: the father of my children is here and I don’t want them to grow up without him.

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