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Voting from afar

E-voting would allow many Swiss Abroad to vote in their home country. Without an online form of voting, political participation is often impossible for Swiss expatriates, because postal votes for example take too long to reach their destination. E-voting in Switzerland was put on ice in 2019. What does the future hold?

This continually updated dossier contains all relevant “Swiss Review” articles on e-voting to date, documents how the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad and the Council of the Swiss Abroad view the matter, and provides links to additional sources of information.

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Sources and links

E-voting fact sheet in German and French (Organisation of the Swiss Abroad)

E-voting petition in German and French from the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad to the Federal Council and parliament

E-voting resolution in German and French by the Council of the Swiss Abroad (CSA)


E-voting gets a second chance


Switzerland’s cantons are now allowed to offer e-voting again. But it will take some time before voters can use a rebooted version of the technology.

Voting rights for the Swiss Abroad – “Switzerland is already at the limit of what it can offer”


“E-voting and e-banking are not the same thing”


E-voting currently on hold – testing process to be reoriented

Notes from the Federal Palace

Electronic voting has proved popular so far, particularly among Swiss Abroad. Unfortunately, it is currently out of operation. Until the beginning of…

The “Fifth Switzerland” makes clear political demands

SwissCommunity news

E-voting encounters a headwind


E-Voting is the way to uphold the voting right of the “Fifth Switzerland”

SwissCommunity news

Signatures from 137 countries for OSA’s e-voting petition

SwissCommunity news

E-voting must be made available to all Swiss Abroad by 2021. The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) submitted this demand to the Federal…

Focus remains on e-voting

SwissCommunity news

OSA advice

SwissCommunity news

I’ve heard that the Swiss Abroad can vote electronically in some cantons. Which ones are they?

Electronic voting for the diaspora

SwissCommunity news

Electronic voting: Greater security thanks to verifiability

Notes from the Federal Palace

“Security over speed” is the approach being pursued by the Federal Council with electronic voting. With this in mind, the Federal Council has amended…