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Overview of all the votes on 17 May


“For moderate immigration” popular initiative:

Switzerland must take back full control of immigration, according to the SVP’s limitation initiative. If the SVP initiative is approved, Switzerland will have to terminate the Swiss-EU Agreement on the free movement of persons. Industry groups and all the other political parties warn of serious consequences (see main text above).

Revision of the Swiss Hunting Act:

The Federal Council and parliament believe that relaxing the legislation that protects wolves and other animals will help to regulate the Swiss wolf population. It will allow wolves to be shot before they cause any harm. Environmental and animal welfare groups are opposed to the revised Hunting Act, saying that it takes things too far (see article on page 6).

Amendment to the Federal Act on Direct Federal Taxation:

The general childcare deduction on taxable income is to be increased from 6,500 to 10,000 francs. The SP are against the reform. In their view, it will only help wealthy families. Parents on low incomes will not benefit, the party say, because low earners hardly pay any federal tax when cantonal and municipal tax are also taken into consideration.