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If I remain in Switzerland for a period of time for administrative purposes after cancelling my registration here, how can I continue to receive health insurance cover when the health insurance provider has terminated my contract from the date my registration was cancelled?

It is generally advisable not to cancel yourregistration with the commune of residence until the actual date of departure. If this is not possible for particular reasons, the following applies:

If Swiss citizens who have cancelled their registration remain in Switzerland and do not establish a new place of residence abroad, the health insurance provider must generally continue to provide them with insurance cover. According to the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), the Health Insurance Ordinance stipulates that the insurance ends on the date of departure from Switzerland as registered with the relevant commune of residence.

However, the ordinance also states that it categorically ends on the day of actual departure from Switzerland or upon the death of the insured person.

Health insurance providers generally apply the date when the registration was cancelled. However, provided that Swiss citizens do not establish a new place of residence, they remain subject to Switzerland’s social insurance system and may continue to hold a health insurance policy. The persons concerned have an individual responsibility to ensure seamless insurance cover, which means continuing their insurance policy if they remain in Switzerland beyond the date of cancellation of their registration.

As each case has to be assessed individually in such circumstances, it is advisable to check with the health insurance provider in good time.

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