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Tertianum Residences, «Al Parco» in Muralto and «Al Lido» in Locarno

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Living your senior years on the relaxing shores of Lake Maggiore.

There are two senior residences in the Ticino region that overlook the enchanting Gulf of Locarno and enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding areas, with their distinctive and unparalleled beauty and definite Mediterranean feel: two exceptional communities where you can spend the years of your life that might require additional care, masterfully combining relaxed and independent living with the safety of a protected environment, complemented by a comprehensive series of extremely high-quality services.


The Tertianum residences, «Al Parco» in Muralto and «Al Lido» in Locarno, are located a few steps from the shores of Lake Verbano, in a beautifully unique setting enhanced by a mild Mediterranean climate: two facilities designed and developed to offer excellence to their guests, who have chosen to spend their senior years in an exclusive setting, enriched by the beauty of local towns and villages overlooking Lake Maggiore and featuring extraordinary elegance and charming views.

The Tertianum Residences, «Al Parco» in Muralto and «Al Lido» in Locarno, are in fact evidence of the great commitment and passion on the part of highly qualified staff, constantly striving to make senior guests feel cared for at any time of the day or night. They offer a series of services both as a permanent solution, with continued professional geriatric care, and – especially during these difficult times – as a temporary rehabilitative stay.

At the two Tertianum Residences in the Locarno region, all guests, with their specific needs and requirements, are always at the center of attention in a reliable and high-quality setting designed and created to enhance every aspect of senior life. We offer personalised apartments and customisable modern and efficient solutions, where to live independently or enjoy individual care that can ensure the wellbeing of guests as if they were in their own home.

This is why we guarantee targeted geriatric care available 24 hours a day, provided by highly-qualified professional staff, whose knowledge in palliative medicine can benefit older guests, who suffer from multiple and chronic conditions, as well as guests who are staying on a temporary basis, maybe to relieve family members from continued care obligations, and can therefore experience an initial and fundamental approach to a possible permanent move.


Choosing a facility like the Tertianum Residences, «Al Parco» in Muralto and «Al Lido» in Locarno, means choosing quality life, not only in terms of care but also of mental and physical wellbeing. Our multiple fitness and wellness solutions in fact offer a life where “feeling well” is a must: after all, “being healthy” also means pampering yourself and staying active, two concepts that, in the Lake Verbano area, are fundamentally important.

Although the health of our guests is the result of good fitness, with an active and reactive body, it is also tied to good nutrition. In the two Tertianum Residences in the Locarno region, our elderly guests enjoy a healthy and balanced diet that can satisfy individual taste and habits while complying with specific dietary needs. Furthermore, involving guests in planning their menus has the clear objective of keeping them involved and making them feel part of a community that truly strives to be at their service.

This is why the Tertianum Group also prioritises and invests in recreational and entertainment activities – unreplaceable opportunities to socialize and exchange ideas and opinions while having fun – and offers a series of activities that go from group games to movie theatre outings, from visits to photography exhibits to musical events, from afternoon dancing to exercise with fully trained physical therapists. In fact, staying active not only brings happiness but also keeps the body and soul healthy.

All of this is included in the Tertianum Residences, «Al Parco» in Muralto and «Al Lido» in Locarno: two ideal settings for seniors, who want to live leisurely and independently in the name of great comfort and attentive and qualified care, while still having individual needs met in terms of wellbeing and medical assistance. The two Residences have one common objective: offering a life worth living with the highest level of respect and quality possible. Tertianum: the confidence of being in good hands.


Tertianum Residenza Al Parco
Via San Gottardo 8
6600 Muralto Locarno

Phone: 091 759 12 12

Tertianum Residenza Al Lido
Via della Posta 44
6600 Locarno

Phone: 091 756 37 37