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What challenges does our democracy face?

03.04.2020 – Jézael Fritsche

This year, the Annual Congress of the Swiss Abroad will focus on key questions for the future. It will be held in the Mediterranean atmosphere of the southern town of Lugano.

Immigration, data protection, digital challenges, and exercising our political rights: how is the Swiss democratic system meeting today’s challenges? Where does it need to change? How can we guarantee respect of the basic democratic rights in Switzerland, unique in the world, in a time of increasing autocracy? Should Swiss political rights be granted to second generation immigrants or to young people from the age of 16?

These are just some of the questions that speakers at the 2020 Congress will be asked to answer or debate.

If you are interested in these topical issues and keen to discover (or rediscover) the incredibly varied Ticino landscapes and architectural heritage, unlike any other in Switzerland, reserve the weekend of 22–23 August 2020 and join us in Lugano, an Italian Swiss town with a Mediterranean atmosphere.