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Well prepared for education


The school and academic year is coming to an end. Final examinations are approaching, perhaps followed by a degree award ceremony.

Many students can then enjoy the long summer holidays. Swiss Abroad who have completed their studies in Switzerland will return to their families abroad or perhaps stay in Switzerland to earn some money and gain their first professional experience through a holiday job or an internship.

Most pupils who are now completing their mandatory education or leaving grammar school know which educational path they will pursue. The 2015/16 academic year begins in August for trainees and in September for students. There are still a few months to prepare for this new chapter.

Leaving the country where they have grown up to come to Switzerland for education or training is a big step for young Swiss Abroad. Even if they have built up a network of strong connections with their homeland, they have to get used to a new environment, different customs and new people, and they will face new challenges. A long way from their family, this is not always easy. They have to find accommodation and deal with administrative matters like insurance policies and healthcare schemes. Grant applications also have to be prepared in good time. Language barriers sometimes have to be overcome. The many summer language courses available are a great help here. If they are well prepared, there is nothing stopping anyone from enjoying a successful year of education or training in Switzerland.

Ruth von Gunten, Head of the Education in Switzerland Department

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