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Summer offers of the OSA’s Youth Service


Recreational offers:

Would you like to spend your summer holidays in Switzerland and discover the country with other Swiss Abroad? Then register for one of our recreational offers. A summer programme rich in variety awaits you:

Discover Switzerland – Extended from 26.6. to 10.7.2017
Recreational camp 1 Leysin from 8.7. to 21.7.2017
Recreational camp 2 La Punt from 16.7. to 29.7.2017
Recreational camp 3 Leysin from 22.7. to 4.8.2017
Outdoor camp from 16.7. to 29.7.2017
Adult camp in Sörenberg from 16.7. to 29.7.2017

Educational offers:

This summer we are providing you with the opportunity to learn two of the four national languages on a beginners’ course or to improve your linguistic skills on our advanced courses. We are offering the following language courses:

German course in Zurich (no knowledge up to A1) from 26.6 to 7.7.2017
German course in Berne (no knowledge up to A1) from 10.7 to 21.7.2017
German course in Basel (no knowledge up to A1) from 31.7 to 11.8.2017
Advanced German course in Zurich (A2 to B1) from 10.7 to 21.7.2017
French course in Fribourg (no knowledge up to A1) from 26.6 to 7.7.2017
Advanced French course in Fribourg (A2 to B1) from 10.7 to 21.7.2017

Congress seminar in Basel from 13 to 20 August 2017:
The Youth Service will organise the annual youth seminar as part of the congress from 13 to 20 August 2017. We are focussing on the topic of “The Swiss at home and abroad – one world”. The emphasis will be placed on dialogue between the Swiss at home and abroad and we will look at how the perspectives of the Swiss Abroad differ from those of their compatriots at home. The programme contains elements of leisure time, culture and politics.

For further information and to register, visit and or: Youth Service of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad / +41 (0) 31 356 61 00,