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Stability in the Council of States

04.11.2015 – Jürg Müller

A second round of voting will be required in many cantons: 19 seats were not allocated in the first round.


The final party-political make-up of the Federal Assembly will not be decided until the still pending second round of voting, required in 12 cantons for the Council of States, has taken place. Only 27 of the 46 seats were awarded on 18 October. The Free Democrats secured eight seats, the CVP seven, the SP six and the SVP five. Thomas Minder, an independent candidate from Schaffhausen and the figure behind the successful fat-cat initiative, was also re-elected. The CVP and Green Liberals each lost a seat.

The situation in the Council of States is generally very stable; no huge shifts are anticipated nor significant moves to the right, like in the National Council. However, it is very possible that the FDP will challenge the CVP’s traditionally dominant position. It remains to be seen whether the SP can hold the 11 seats it won four years ago in the subsequent rounds of voting. There are nevertheless some realistic chances of success: The SP candidate Daniel Jositsch surprisingly secured election in the first round of voting in Zurich. The SVP can also hold out hope of making gains. However, in the canton of Berne National Councillor Albert Rösti, the head of the SVP’s national election campaign, only finished in third place behind the current Council of States members Werner Luginbühl (BDP) and Hans Stöckli (SP). The SVP generally finds it more difficult to win seats in elections based on majority voting systems and personality.

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