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OSA Youth Service and educationsuisse: Help with starting education and training in Switzerland


The OSA Youth Service and educationsuisse jointly support young Swiss Abroad in planning and starting their initial education or training in Switzerland through the ‘Springboard’ programme.

The advice and approach are tailored to every participant individually. Registration is open to young people who have a place on a course – at a university of applied sciences or a traditional university – or who have been offered an apprenticeship, as well as to those who have not yet decided on a particular educational path. The staff of educationsuisse are available to answer any questions about education, planning and financial matters, etc. via email, by telephone or at the office in Berne. They advise participants on how to put their plans into practice and provide them with the best possible support.

Living with a host family

As soon as the definitive acceptance by the educational institution or training provider has been confirmed, the OSA Youth Service checks whether a place with a host family is available in the local area. Host family places are currently only available in German-speaking Switzerland. Participants travel to Switzerland shortly before their education or training begins and can stay with the host family for up to six months. The hosts provide the young people with a room and meals and support them as much as possible when they start their education or training. Regular contact with the staff of the OSA Youth Service and educationsuisse helps to resolve any problems. It should be noted that applicants must be 18 years of age when starting their education or training.

Costs and paying for education

There is a one-off contribution to expenses of CHF 500 for planning and organising the host family. Food and accommodation with the host family costs CHF 500 a month. Grants are available to participants whose parents are unable to fully meet the education or training costs.

Registration and contact

The ‘Springboard’ programme will continue to run during the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 academic years. For information and to apply, please visit