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How do our MPs vote on issues concerning the Swiss Abroad?


The legislative period which is coming to an end saw a particularly high number of proposals that affect the Swiss Abroad either directly or indirectly.

Thanks to the electronic voting procedure in the National Council and, since 2014, also in the Council of States, the voting behaviour of every member of the Federal Assembly can be followed. A look back can also provide guidance in making a decision for the forthcoming elections. Not everyone who claims to represent the interests of the Swiss Abroad actually votes accordingly when it comes down to it.

This table shows the voting behaviour of parliamentary groups on selected proposals between 2011 and 2015. It lists bills that concern the Swiss Abroad directly as well as individual proposals that may have implications for our compatriots abroad. Parliamentary groups often do not vote uniformly. If the ratio between yes and no votes is 2:1 or less, the exact voting figures are indicated. Individual abstentions are not counted. The results of all votes can be found in the Federal Assembly’s official bulletin at