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educationsuisse – education and first professional experience in Switzerland


Education in Switzerland means first-rate vocational training and university degree courses. educationsuisse provides young Swiss people abroad with general information about education in Switzerland and offers specialised services.

Information on the educational opportunities available

How is the education system structured? Are you interested in academic courses at a traditional university or university of applied sciences or in vocational training?

Information on specific issues

What language skills and education background is required? How do I organise my stay in Switzerland?

Personal advice

A wide range of issues are discussed and explained in personal consultations. Which course or training is right for me? Vocational and educational aspirations are explored and analysed in cooperation with a professional careers and education consultancy.

Advice on grants and applications

Are publicly funded grants (from the canton of origin) or financial support from an educationsuisse private fund available?

Working as a language assistant in Switzerland

An internship is a great way of gaining your first professional experience before, during or after your education. The national agency Movetia arranges placements for young students from abroad as language assistants at Swiss grammar or vocational schools through its “language assistants” programme. As native speakers, language assistants enhance language teaching and illustrate cultural aspects of their native country. The programme is aimed at Swiss students and graduates from traditional universities, universities of applied sciences and teacher training colleges who were born abroad or spent their childhood abroad from the age of four and who grew up with one of the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish or Italian. The paid position will last from around September 2018 to June 2019. The application deadline is the end of March 2018.

More specific information on the offers can be obtained directly from educationsuisse. Our employees speak German, French, English, Italian and Spanish.