Do you want to reach our attractive target group of 788,000 Swiss nationals abroad?

In addition to this website and the SwissCommunity newsletter, the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad, publishes the “Swiss Review” magazine and runs the SwissCommunity network. The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad also has a global network with direct access to Swiss associations in the countries with the largest Swiss diaspora.

Your options for print and online advertising

You can find an overview of your options with the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad in our media data. We can also offer you various partnerships for long-term collaboration.

Your ad in “Swiss Review”

The magazine of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad is the only medium that reaches the 788,000 Swiss nationals living abroad. With “Swiss Review” you can stay up-to-date with the latest political and social developments in Switzerland and stay connected with your homeland. The total print run is 449'200 (as of August 2022).

“Swiss Review” is published in a print version and a digital version (newsletter, website, e-paper, PDF and app). It is published six times a year in German, French, English and Spanish.

There are supplements in 13 regional editions in the middle of the magazine which provide the option for region-specific advertising (i.e. adverts for the specific regions instead of the magazine as a whole).

An overview of the advertising options for “Swiss Review” can be found in our media data.

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Florian Baccaunaud

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