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17.03.2015 – OSA Legal Department

Before emigrating I spent several years working in Switzerland and paid old-age and survivors’ insurance/invalidity insurance (AHV/IV) contributions. How can I find out about my entitlement to an AHV pension?

You can request a pension calculation forecast based on the contributions you made from the Swiss Compensation Office in Geneva. In relation to these projections, the website of the Central Compensation Office (CCO) in Geneva states: “The presence of hypothetical elements in the calculation means that the amounts predicted are merely estimations. These amounts consequently are not legally binding.”

An application form to download and complete can be found at under Services > Projected/provisional pension calculation

You can complete and print out this form and then sign and send it to the address given below. An official document containing your personal details (surname, first name, date of birth and spouse’s name) has to be attached to the form – for example, a copy of your identity document, birth certificate, family record book or an extract from the civil register. 

It is advisable for married couples to submit two individual pension calculation applications at the same time.

Swiss Compensation Office, Av. Edmond-Vaucher 18, P.O. Box 3100, 1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland

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