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Grants for education and training in Switzerland


The opportunity to undertake education or training in Switzerland is a very appealing prospect for many young Swiss Abroad. This is highlighted by the ever increasing number of enquiries received and consultations provided by the “educationsuisse – Education in Switzerland” advisory service.

In Switzerland, parents are generally responsible for paying for their children’s education. However, as everyone, including those from low-income households, should have the opportunity to benefit from education, educational grants can be applied for. The home canton is responsible for such funding in the case of young Swiss Abroad. Educational grants are intended to provide financial support during education and not to resolve acute emergency situations. The grants do not usually cover study and living costs in full.

The grant amount is largely determined by parental income and assets. Every canton has its own legislation and provisions. It is therefore advisable to make any enquiries at an early stage: Can grant applications actually be made? Is the course concerned eligible for a grant? What deadlines have to be met? What documents are required? And so on. It is also worth finding out in the country where the parents live whether financial support can be provided for education and training in Switzerland.

A grant application can usually only be submitted if the educational institution has provided confirmation of an offer of a place. It usually takes several months for the cantonal authorities to reach a final decision on whether and how much funding can be provided.

The universities themselves can also offer educational grants under certain circumstances. However, they often only do so once a cantonal decision has been made. There are also many private foundations which support young people in education. Such ­support is sometimes also available from the communes of origin.

Young Swiss people abroad who wish to undertake education or training in Switzerland, whether it is an apprenticeship or a university degree, should also make arrangements for funding their stay in Switzerland at an early stage.

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