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CH Info: The Brochure App


The “Swiss Confederation – a brief guide” brochure gives a current overview of Switzerland’s political system, the administration and its judicial authorities. It is now also available as an app for tablets and smartphones.

What makes Switzerland unique? How is Parliament made up? Who is the government? When do people vote? Questions like this are answered with text and graphics, and large-format photos give the publication special appeal.

The section on the separation of powers explains what type of jurisdiction the Parliament, the government and the Federal Supreme Court have. The policy priorities of the departments are also presented, as well as an overview of how the parties are positioned at federal level.

Numerous links offer further information online. But the app is your quickest source of information: with one quick tap you’re taken straight to the corresponding website. The app is always updated six weeks before voting, with links to explanations for Federal Council votes and videos explaining the individual bills.

The brochure can be ordered at: (in German).

The “CH info” app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store for free. The publisher is the Federal Chancellery.